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What's Inside the Fall 2009 Issue of Paper Creations™

From the Editor

We’ve all been affected by the economy in one way or another. As we watch prices going up, up, up, and the dollars in our wallets going down, down, down, it’s time to really start thinking creatively without giving up our love for making cards and other paper crafting projects. Featured in this issue of Paper Creations are some really cool ideas that will help to save your dollars from shrinking further, while still providing the quality that you have come to appreciate and enjoy.

“Jewels of the Orient” will show you how to create stunning cards and a bookmark…all from one sheet of glittered patterned paper. Or, consider making the puzzle cards…they’re fun to make, and even more fun to receive!

And last, but not least, our new series, “Rethink and Reuse,” offers a multitude of wonderful ways to create dozens of tags or cards from just one beautifully designed cloisonné stamped image from Michael Strong. For a chance to win one of Michael’s six gorgeous stamps, click here. Entries must be received no later than September 30, 2009. We’ll let you know who the winners are on October 15, 2009. Good luck to all!

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Fall 2009
Fall 2009 Issue
Love Photo Card Autumn Bride
Butternut yellow and vanilla cream colored cardstock beautifully entwine with coordinated patterned paper, setting the perfect color scheme for a lovely autumnal wedding. Silky twill ribbons lend a satiny glow to a delicate lace border and honey-colored pearl and crystal beaded stick pin. Simple images of the bride and groom are anything but plain. Copper Stickles dots are applied over a delicate wash of apricot that graces the bridal gown and the groom’s tuxedo. And what would a wedding be without a cake? There are three to choose from…yummy!

Love Photo Card
Reminiscent of hand-colored photos from a bygone era, this gentle love card captures all the charm of yesteryear.

Jewels of the Orient
The real value of the cards and bookmark featured here lies not only with the beautifully designed and glittered patterned paper, but the fact that all three were created from just one sheet! Simply select a paper design that features several images, like the K&Company specialty “Que Sera Fera” patterned paper used here. Then plan your card and bookmark dimensions, cut out, and embellish as desired. A diagram has been provided for ease in placement and cutting.

The Orient Express
Black, red, and gold cardstocks set the tone for this stunning collection of Oriental-themed cards. Variegated metal leafing, embossing paste, and stencils entwine with fine gold threads and coins to beautifully express the elegant styling of ancient China.

All in the gameIt’s All in the Game Cards
Featured here are a few different ideas worth considering when making your next collection of all-occasion cards. Petal envelopes are a great way to present both celebratory greetings and a gift to boot. “You Are Amazing” is geared toward your favorite maze fan, while “Celebrate the Day” provides your best “braniac” pal with hours of challenging fun. Be sure to include a small book or gift card inside. Or, if you want to keep it simple, use a stamped word-find square to express your sentiment. Regardless of which one you choose, each puzzle will provide lots of fun for both you and your intended recipient.

Uniquely Folded Sentiments
Created with interesting folds, surprise pockets, and endearing sentiments, this collection of brightly colored cards provides two treats for the intended recipient: one for the eyes and one for the soul.

Pretty in Red
Double matting stamped images onto sky blue and cheery red cardstock sends both a sweet message and a sweeter image to your favorite Happy Birthday girl. Silver mini brads provide just the right amount of punch, while a red taffeta ribbon ties everything up in a neat little knot complete with a silver ribbon ring.

Say It With Flowers Cards
Whether creating one flower, two flowers, or a bouquet, these charming cards are fun to make and more fun to receive. Color is key. Warm textured cardstock in cheery colors allow the bright flowers to really pop off the card. Button centers, glittered petals and dimensional sentiments all beautifully contribute in making these cards extra special.

Quilted Thank-you Card
“My grandparents grew up during the Great Depression and learned how to be very resourceful with the things that they had. My grandmother would save the fabric from worn-out clothing and piece the scraps together to create beautiful quilts. I love the concept of taking something that would otherwise be discarded and giving it new life. Although I’m not much of a seamstress, I’ve taken this same idea and put it to practice in my paper crafting. This is a great project for those who just can’t bear to throw away those little scraps from their favorite paper collections.” – Julie Campbell

Quilted Thank You CardCards of Compassion
Finding the right card to send during emotionally stressful times can be difficult, and creating your own can be even more of a challenge. By selecting white-toned card bases, you begin with a clean canvas for conveying your message of comfort. Pale and muted colors are calming and soothe the senses. Embellishments should be kept to a minimum and those selected should be serene in nature as exemplified by the beautiful collection of traditional cards featured here.

Quilled Thank-you Card
Fun and easy to do, quilling affords today’s paper artists a wide assortment of papers and tools from which to choose. Quilling designs can be used for simple embellishments or to decorate larger and more complex surfaces. Personally speaking, I am very happy to see more and more projects incorporating this joyful art form.

Fall Greetings
Splendidly dressed in autumnal shades of gold, orange, and brown, this cheerful collection of greetings offers a colorful variety of all-occasion card ideas.

Had a Ruff Day?
You don’t have to be a dog lover to appreciate this sweet card, complete with a dog tag and paw prints!

Orange Marmalade Butterfly Cards
The magnificent design and rich orange marmalade and charcoal coloring in these patterned papers provide endless possibilities for card making and other paper crafting projects. The collection of elegant cards featured here caters to all tastes, ranging from a simple card with one butterfly image to multiple layering of several cut-out designs and embellishments.

Let’s Get Together for Coffee
You depend on it to start your morning, rely on it to defrost from a bitter cold day, or look forward to sharing it when you meet up with a friend. What would we coffee lovers do without our favorite bean? This delightful collection of cards celebrates our love of the brew and is sure to put a smile on your mug or that of your favorite “cup of Joe” friend. Don’t like coffee? No problem…simply change the coloring to create a cup of tea or a cup of soup. We coffee lovers are so understanding!

Get a Move OnGet A Move On
Moving to a new home can be an exciting and exhausting experience. After days of packing and hauling all your stuff, it’s always a welcomed relief when that last cardboard box has been unpacked. Now you can relax a bit and share your joy with family members and friends by creating these lovely change-of-address announcements.

Speedy Recoveries
Two designers with one thought in mind create a card using the same stamp. The result is visually different, while the sentiment remains the same. These two cheery “feel better soon” greetings are sure to perk up anyone’s spirits (a hot cup of homemade chicken soon wouldn’t hurt either!).

Alice in Wonderland Cards
Each card could be categorized as mini works of art, and are beautifully suited for framing if desired. The cards are vibrant and alive with shimmering colors of gold and silver. The true beauty of these cards is in the iridescent quality that the inks produce, which is difficult to fully capture on film. The inks are specially formulated to create a colorful, polished stone effect. When used to add color on nonporous surfaces, they provide unique backgrounds for stamping and other paper projects.

Kid Friendly Cards
Whether you’re designing a card for a special little one or a favorite Disney fan, the collection of cards featured here use a variety of techniques to showcase the color, glitz, and personality of cherished Disney characters. These cards are miniature works of art, requiring a bit of time, but so well-deserving of being saved and savored for many years to come.

rethink and reuse
Rethink and Reuse
Welcome to our new series, Rethink and Reuse! Dedicated to the idea that scrap papers and odds and ends deserve a special place in any paper project, Rethink and Reuse is designed to celebrate the many ways that creativity can get a “kick start” if we look at things in new ways, and acknowledges the fact that the majority of paper crafters are packrats. As we all know, snippets of paper are often too wonderful to toss out, and a 3" length of ribbon should be saved even if we don’t know when or how we’ll use it. And, who doesn’t have a few shipping tags stashed away somewhere? And that’s where we’ll begin…with shipping tags. So, dig them out and let’s get started!

Happy Halloween Card and Gift Bag
Yes, it’s true…ghouls just want to have fun, and what better way to share the fun than with this colorful card and gift bag set? Adding cheery ribbons are always a good choice for embellishing, especially when you’re short on time.

Fred and Ginger Paper Doll Challenge
It began as a fun challenge between friends to utilize scrap papers in a creative way. The parameters set were extremely simple. The dolls had to include leaves of some sort and the height was not to exceed 10". The dolls featured here are larger than the restricted height, but when inspiration runs wild, you’ve got to go with the flow, right? Any tool, punch, die cut, rubber stamp, marker, etc., was permissible to use. The results are lively, colorful, and downright fun.

Fright Night Trio
Colorful and just plain fun, these funky pumpkin characters are all dressed up to grace your fright night party table or decorate your home this Halloween.

Happy Halloween Invite
Are you driving yourself batty over Halloween party preparations? One time saver you can count on is this Fright Night invite…it’s as quick to make as saying abracadabra!

Rubber Stamp Round-Up
Welcome to Stamp Round-up Part 2! Thank you to everyone who sent us names and websites of companies you wanted us to feature. We’ve packed as many as possible onto the following pages. Keep ‘em coming, and look for Part III in a future issue. Remember, if you want to hand stamp cards or other items to sell, check to see if a company’s images fall under an “angel” policy, and make sure you follow that policy.

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